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7th Grade Supply List for 2017-18

8th Grade Supply List for 2017-18

Student Handbook

Student Mission and Purpose

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Here’s the Summer Scoop!

The 2017-2018 school year will start in 1 month!  
I hope you are having a wonderful summer break!

1.  Residency Verification
2.  Tdap Shot for Incoming 7th Graders
3.  School Supplies
4.  Dress Code Awareness for Back-to-School Shopping
5.  Summer Academic Prep
6.  August Events--Save the Dates
7.  Athletics Reminders and Upcoming Dates​


Sign-Up for DCMS Antler Alerts (Text Reminds):

Text to this number:  81010    Enter this text message:  @msantlers

Summer Office Hours in Deer Creek:


​DCMS Office CLOSED for the Summer: June 5th--July 28th

District Office (MacArthur & 206th) OPEN for Residency Verification drop-off, shot records, new enrollment, etc.:  Monday--Thursday 9:00am--3:00pm June 5th--July 27th

Residency Verification:

​All students must verify residency for all public schools in the state of Oklahoma each summer.  Utility bills must be for services provided in June, July, or August and must be submitted before DCMS Schedule Pick-Up on August 7th in order to receive your child's schedule.  See attached Returning Student Residency Verification form for further instructions.  The District Office is accepting these from DC families now (open 9:00--3:00, Mon--Thurs)​.  Avoid long lines in August at school sites and take care of this ASAP!  You will be glad you did.​
Tdap Requirement:

All students entering 7th grade in the State of Oklahoma are required to show proof that they have the Tdap shot.  (This requirement went into effect in the 2012-2013 school year.)  Please check your student’s immunization record and verify that they have had this immunization.  If you have already submitted proof to either DCIS or DCMS, then you can disregard this reminder.  At this time, we have over 200 students that have not provided proof of Tdap. Once you have taken care of this immunization, please email the record to Nurse Michelle Daigle at michelledaigle@dcsok.org  Failure to show proof of vaccination will mean that we cannot give you your child’s schedule to start the 7th grade in August. 

School Supplies:
See email for lists for those that did not pre-order a supply pack. (All supply pack orders will be available for pick-up at schedule pick-up on Monday, Aug 7th.)

DC Dress Code for Students:
​School is preparation for the future work force.  Just like adults have certain dress expectations at work, at ceremonies, at worship, ​etc., so to must our students learn to dress appropriately in an academic setting (school) during their teenage years.  In our creative classrooms, students are often found sitting in groups on the floor, hanging projects on walls, crouched at lockers in the hallways....it is important that students are properly covered to prevent an embarrassing moment in a classroom/hallway.
The entire DC Board Policy regarding student attire is attached to this email, but when back-to-school shopping, please keep these basic guidelines in mind: --
should come to a student's fingertips with arms facing down on front of leg
​--Some shorts are made of loose material and are short for the purpose of running (such as Nike shorts and Lulu shorts)​.  You may need to buy a size or two up to ensure proper coverage for school.  Please also have your child wear compression shorts or sliders underneath to ensure proper coverage when students are seated on the floor or crouched at lockers (same for when wearing skirts).
​--Skirts/dresses need to be a little longer than shorts because they creep up when wearing a long backpack, walking through hallways, to the gym, etc. Please ensure that skirts fall 2" at least above the knee and sliders/compression shorts/leggings are worn underneath.​
​--Leggings are very popular and we understand...they are comfy!  However, leggings with a short shirt is not appropriate for school...maybe for a workout but not school.  Shirts worn with leggings need to be long enough to ensure that a child is not exposed.  Shirts may need to be a size or two larger with leggings.  Making sure the shirt is long enough to fall to the fingertips is a good guide.
--Off the shoulder tops, backless tops, spaghetti straps, ​tops that expose the stomach, tops that are sheer enough to see undergarments are not allowed.  Tank tops or tops that have open shoulders need to have a strap that is 3 fingers in width as a guide or a dollar bill width across the shoulder to ensure proper coverage.
​(The exact policy is attached, but the categories above are the issues that we deal with the most.) 
Thank you for ensuring that your child is properly dressed for an academic environment.​

Summer Academics:
IXL Available for FREE!
Did you know our primary online resource for math practice, IXL, is available for all Deer Creek students to continue to use over the summer? We use IXL often during the school year, so students in grades 5—12 should know how to access and use IXL for extra (FREE!) math practice to keep those math skills fresh over the summer!


Summer Math Tutoring:

Interested in summer math tutoring? Our math department chair, Robyn Souter, is offering summer math tutoring for students in grades 3 through HS Algebra III (including College Algebra).  See emailed flyer and contact robynsouter@dcsok.org for additional information.

8th Grade PreAP Comp/Lit Assignment:

If your student has enrolled to take PreAP Comp/Lit in 8th grade, he/she will need to complete a summer reading assignment and project. See emailed assignment.  Information about this was handed out to all students by their 7th grade literature teachers. Please contact Sidney Barton at sidneybarton@dcsok.org if you have questions.


2017-2018 Schedule Pick-Up

(In The DCMS Cafeteria)

8:00—11:00: 8th Grade

12:00—3:00: 7th Grade

*If you are unable to pick-up your child’s schedule on the designated day/time, schedules will be available for pick-up in our DCMS Office any time after Aug 7thbetween the hours of 7:00am—3:00pm. 

Orientation and Locker Move-In:
THURSDAY, AUG 10TH 6:00pm--8:00pm
Students and families are free to come up to DCMS the evening of Thurs, Aug 10thto walk through their schedules, practice opening locks on lockers, move school supplies into lockers, decorate lockers, etc.  (No adhesive decor, and no decorations on the outside of the locker please.)  The building will be open to DCMS families for this purpose only.  Staff will not be present to assist with meeting teachers, picking up schedules, etc. This is simply an evening where we will have an open building so parents have more time (when most are off work) to assist their child with lockers and class schedule practice.
We will have an orientation slide show in the cafeteria from 6:30--7:00 for incoming 7th grade families and any new families.

Back-to-School Dance:
Friday, August 18th 6:00pm--8:00pm 
DCMS Cafeteria  $5 ​
Antler Pride Night:​
Friday, August 25th 4:30pm--8:00pm
​Come join us for food, games, shopping, and fun!
Open House:​
Monday, Aug 28th 6:30pm--8:00pm
An evening for parents to follow their child's schedule to meet teachers, to hear more about their classes, and to learn how we can partner together for a successful school year!


Important Requirements for all 2017-2018 DCMS Athletes:

For questions regarding DCMS Athletics, please contact DCMS Athletic Director, George Meiwes, at:  georgemeiwes@dcsok.org

Students are required to have the following completed before they are eligible to participate in practice or games at DCMS:

1. Updated Physical Form (attached to email)

Signed by doctor and returned to a DCMS coach or office 

Must be dated after May 1, 2017

We have a copy of your physical if you completed it during our annual "Physical Night" at the PAAC. 

2. RankOne Online Forms (Instructions attached to email)

Completed entirely online; Digital Signatures 

You will need your student's ID # 

Student needs to be present to sign forms

*Note:  Starting Sept 1st, any student-athletes that do not have their RankOne Forms and  physical completed will not be allowed to remain in an Athletics class and his/her schedule will be permanently changed on Friday, Sept 1st.  (Even if your child is only participating in a Spring sport. The OSSAA has strict guidelines on this.)  Thank you for your cooperation.


Dates to Remember/ Contact Information


Cross Country

Parent Meeting

Aug. 4th, 2017@6PM- DCMS Cafeteria

First Practice



Kristi McMullin



Remind Sign-Up:

Text to 81010 the message: @dcmsrunner

Summer Workouts

See attached summer flyer




Parent Meeting

Aug. 2nd, 2017@4PM- DCMS Gym

Equipment Checkout

Aug 2nd: ​

8th Checkout3PM; 7th Checkout4:30 PM

First Practice




Marc Pense



Summer Workouts

See attached summer flyer




Parent Meeting

May 22nd, 2017

First Practice

Aug. 1st, 2017


Allison Larson




Parent Meeting

July 25th@6PM- DCMS Gym

First Practice



Alexis Shifflett, Katie Johnson





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The Deer Creek School District has made arrangements to offer Student Accident Insurance for all students from K&K Insurance Group.  We make this coverage available to parents for their children who are students enrolled in our schools.  The Deer Creek School District does not provide insurance coverage or medical reimbursements to parents for injuries that occur during school, including those incurred during gym classes, recess, etc.  While this coverage is optional, it is important that you review the coverage options available to you and consider purchasing this coverage, especially if your family has health insurance with a high co-payment for doctor and emergency visits, or a high-deductible plan, etc.  You may find more information regarding Student Accident Insurance on the 
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