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Parents :
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Week of Sept 26, 2016

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Attendance Line: 405.359.3160

Lunch Menu:

Visitors must check-in through the main office. Only authorized persons are allowed to visit and eat lunch with our students. Photo ID is required of all visitors. 

Creek Connect:

We invite all students to attend this fun club that is open to all students to help connect the students of DCMS!  Reminder that Creek Connect T-shirt orders and money are due! We will extend the deadline until our next meeting. Come check out the next Creek Connect meeting on September 27th, from 2:35-3:30pm in the DCMS Media Center to see what all the fun is about. 

Donut Therapy!

On Friday, Sept 30th our DCMS PTO will be having "Donut Therapy" for the students from 7:00am - 7:15am in the lobby by the fountain.  Remind your DCMS Antler to bring money on Friday for donuts! All donuts will be $1.00.

Incentive Field Trips:

To encourage our middle school students to make positive choices every day, after Labor Day we are beginning our Incentive Field Trip program.  For the remainder of the semester, students have the opportunity to earn a ticket to go off-campus for a day and participate in a fun field trip. Students that have not earned their ticket will stay in school.  See emailed requirements…please notice school attendance is part of our incentive program.

At the end of the semester in December, 7th graders will go to the movies and have a pizza lunch, and 8th graders will go to a local Rec Center for a day of fun games and food.  Please encourage your child to make good choices to earn his/her ticket!  Everyone has a clean slate after Labor Day, and we will start tracking these requirements Tues, Sept 6.

NJHS News: 

~~There will not be a NJHS meeting next, as previously scheduled. The next meeting will be in October. Please watch and listen for upcoming announcements.

~~The Deer Creek Global Education Program has open spaces for National Junior Honor Society members on our upcoming international tours:

Spring Break 2017 - Belize:  Ancient ruins and amazing reefs blend together in an environmental wonderland of jungles and coastlines. Belize is Central America's eco-frontier, a young nation with ancient roots that welcomes you with diverse ecosystems and wildlife, as well as different languages and cultures. Discover the mysteries of the Maya civilization, zip line through lush jungles and snorkel in the crystal-clear Caribbean.  For more info, visit

Spring Break 2018 - Rome/Paris:  Step back into the time of the Roman Empire when you see the roots of its influence in the arches of the Colosseum and the remains of the Roman Forum. Then stand beneath Michelangelo’s masterpiece—the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. From there it’s on to Paris, where great philosophers inspired the Age of Enlightenment. Highlights include the Eiffel Tower, the vast art collection at the Louvre, and taking in the opulence of Versailles.  For more info visit

If you have questions about either of these educational travel opportunities, please  (8th grade) or  (7th grade)

~~We are collecting t-shirt orders.  See the email for the t-shirt design and order form.  Orders are due by September 29th by the end of 1st hour.  Any student who will be inducted into NJHS can order a shirt.  Two color options are available.  If you have any questions about shirt orders, email  

Academic Team Tryouts:

The DCMS academic team tryouts will begin on Monday, September 26 in the library from 2:30-3:15.  Anyone interested in trying out for the team must attend practices on both September 26 and October 3.  Once the team is set, we will practice every Monday from 2:30-3:15 in the library.  or  with any questions.

See You at the Pole:

See you at the pole is Tuesday, September 27th at 7:00 am at the flag pole.  All 7th and 8th graders are invited to attend.

Odyssey of the Mind:

For questions and/or to request an application to join our DCMS Odyssey of the Mind team, please email Rebecca Graham at Applications are due to the DCMS office byMonday!

Veteran’s Day Assembly:

Please mark your calendars for our annual Veterans Day Assembly- Friday, November 11th at 7:30am.  See the emailed invitation.

Wall of Heroes

We recognize that nearly every DCMS family has at least one Veteran but that all Veterans may not be able to attend the Veterans Day assembly.  In order to honor each DCMS family, we will be creating a Wall of Heroes.  See the emailed "DCMS HERO" form.  Please complete the form and include a scanned photo of the Veteran.  Hero forms can be turned into Mrs. Smith or emailed by Wednesday, October 19th.  Please do not include an original photo, photos will not be returned.  Scan an image or make a copy of an image to include on the form.  You may turn in as many hero forms as you wish.  We hope that every student will be able to submit at least one to honor a family member or family friend who has served or is currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. 

Campus Portal for Students:

In your email you will find the instructions for setting up the Student Campus Portal account in Infinite Campus.  It is important that you read all 5 steps prior to clicking on the link so you know what to do.  It is also important that you write down your new password somewhere safe for your records. The Student Campus Portal is slightly different than the Parent Portal.  It is intended for students to be able to monitor their own grades and deadlines.  The Parent Portal has additional settings, lunch payment options, etc.

Antler Aware:

We are happy to announce that we have a new system in place where students can text issues that they observe such as bullying, safety/security issues, suspicious persons or activity, harassment, inappropriate behaviors/vandalism, etc. Students simply text the information they want to report to405.358.DCMS (3267). Information sent to this number goes straight to our DCMS Principal Team. Please encourage your child to report anything inappropriate or unsafe that he/she observes.  We need to all work together to keep our school safe! 

Student Accident Insurance:

The Deer Creek School District has made arrangements to offer Student Accident Insurance for all students from K&K Insurance Group.  We make this coverage available to parents for their children who are students enrolled in our schools.  The Deer Creek School District does not provide insurance coverage or medical reimbursements to parents for injuries that occur during school, including those incurred during gym classes, recess, etc. 

While this coverage is optional, it is important that you review the coverage options available to you and consider purchasing this coverage, especially if your family has health insurance with a high co-payment for doctor and emergency visits, or a high-deductible plan, etc. You may find more information regarding Student Accident Insurance on the Deer Creek School District Website.

Antler Alerts:

If you would like to receive text message reminders from DCMS this school year, please sign-up for our Antler Alerts!

Text to this number:  81010    Enter this text message:  @msantlers

District News:

See email for “Overtime Youth Event” for after the DC Football Game next Friday Night!

The District website, our DCMS website, and teacher websites are a great place to locate a variety of information that you may need as a parent.  We encourage you to familiarize yourself with these websites in order to provide you the quickest and most accurate information about Deer Creek.

There are a few emblems and logos that belong solely to the district and should not be used on any items to sell unless 100% of the proceeds are going back into a Deer Creek school site, Deer Creek program, or Deer Creek sanctioned booster club.  We do allow use of other antler and dc logos and the Deer Creek and Antler name but ask that anyone selling anything for any type of personal or business profit refrain from using the following:

1. Deer Creek School District Crest 

2. Interlocking DC

3. Baby Deer

Centralized location to find opportunities, activities, apparel, and all other things Deer Creek and community related that you or your child might be interested in purchasing or participating in to include but not limited to camps, clinics, athletics, classes, apparel and fundraisers are located on the Deer Creek School District website. 

Deer Creek Opportunities for DC Students

Community Opportunities for DC Students

DC Spirit Wear, Apparel & More


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