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7th Grade Supply List for 2016-17

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Week of May 22, 2017

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Attendance Line: 405.359.3160

Lunch Menu:   https://deercreeksd.sodexomyway.com/menus/middle.html

 Power Outage:

A frequently asked question… “Why can’t the buses turn around and take kids back home?” 

In theory, the idea sounds great.  However, here are the reasons why we cannot do that:

1.  Once a kid enters a bus, we are now responsible for that student.

2.  We cannot expect a single bus driver to pull over and call parents for all 40+ riders and/or escort each kid to his/her home to ensure the student can get in.  Many parents leave for work and/or are asleep from night shifts as soon as their children leave to catch the bus.

3.  Kids are not always honest about whether or not they can get into their homes.  They often don’t want to trouble us, so they may say to the driver that they can get into their home, and then they will go somewhere else or sit on the porch all day.

4.  Our drivers run multiple routes for all schools.  We cannot have drivers pull over to make arrangements to take kids back home while elementary kids are waiting at bus stops for that driver to run their elementary route.

5.  We’re in the business of keeping kids safe.  We will ALWAYS pick what is safe over what is convenient 100% of the time!  Once buses are in motion, we keep them in motion, and the school will collect the kids and take over from there with communication to families.  FYI for the future, we made several announcements to the kids when gathered with staff in the cafeteria, that if you cannot come get your child and/or we cannot get ahold of you, we will bring buses back after all routes are finished to take students back home.  We must get ahold of either a parent or an emergency contactbefore we can do this, but both incidents this year when we had to unexpectedly cancel school, we had district drivers in district vehicles collecting remaining students and taking them back home after we had permission from their families.

Thank you for supporting us and thank you for all of your kind words today!



~The last day of school is still Friday, May 26th.

~Lit/Comp Finals have been moved to Tuesday, May 23rd.

~Awards Ceremony (DC Foundation mailed invitations) Tuesday, May 23rd @ 6:00pm at the PAAC Gym, informal Deer Creek attire

~Bridging Ceremony for All 8th Graders Tuesday, May 23rd @ 7:30pm at the PAAC Gym, informal Deer Creek attire

(both ceremonies are approximately 1 hour in length)

~Food Trucks at the PAAC on Tuesday night for before/after these events!  MOB Burgers, Filipino Fusion, and Kona Ice!

~End-of-the-Year Bash is Thursday, May 25th.  See below:


End-of-the-Year DCMS Bash!

We invite all DCMS students to join us on Thursday, May 25th from 5:00—8:00pm at DCMS.  We will have an inflatable obstacle course, an inflatable bungee race, a movie,The Sandlot, Harper’s Hut Shaved Ice & A Latte Love food trucks, $2 per slice pizza, $1 water bottles, and lots of music and fun!  The movie will start at 6:15pm in the cafeteria. Students can bring pillows and blankies to sit on the floor for a drive-in style showing. Students can purchase an “Unlimited Wristband” and enjoy unlimited inflatable play, the movie, 2 slices of pizza, and a bottle of water for just $15.  I have attached the order form for the unlimited play and movie for $15 (note this now also includes pizza/water). For students that want to pay separately:  $5 for movie, $5 for inflatables in gym, $2 per slice of pizza, $1 waters.  Make it easy and purchase a wristband and then students can bring extra money for Shaved Ice or A Latte Love!  We will accept $15 for wristbands all week in the DCMS office and at the doorThursday night. Please pick up by 8:00pm using the bus loop. 

We Apologize for the Mess:

Unfortunately the torrential rains during April and May have wreaked havoc on our school since we are under construction.  Many of our classrooms sustained leaks and flooding.  Our maintenance crew has worked around the clock to try and keep the mess cleaned up and dried out.  Many of our classrooms don’t quite look as spiffy as they once did, but we are doing our best.  Our entire campus will be shut down over the summer and teachers will not have access to their classrooms due to construction, so we are going to have to continue to move furniture, books, computers, etc. around to prepare.  Just wanted to explain in case you have heard about our mess…  :)

Leadership and Service Learners:

Attention 7th graders who interviewed for next year’s leadership class and those who applied for Service Learner with Mrs. Bates class:

The Leadership class roster has been posted to Mrs. Michael’s website: http://www.deercreekms.org/staff/erin_michael/leadership

The Service Learner roster has been posted to Mrs. Bates’ website:http://www.deercreekms.org/staff/mrs_bates/service_learners_17-18_list

If for any reason you do not wish to be in Leadership or serve as a Service Learner, you MUST notify the front office by the last day of school on May 26th. Otherwise, there will be NO schedule changes next year.

Yearbook rosters are not quite ready yet, but Leadership and Service Learner rosters are posted.

Locker Clean-Out is Wednesday!

Students will clean their lockers and take home anything that they don’t need for the last 2 days of school on Wednesday.  If your child has a lot of stuff in his/her locker, you may want to send an extra bag. 

Lunch Accounts:

As of May 1st, there will be no lunch charges allowed for school lunches for staff or students if the account balance is negative or if the charge will make the account go into the negative at the time the lunch is charged.   All staff and students must have a $0.00 balance or positive balance by the last day of school.  If a child ends the year with a negative balance, this balance must be reconciled prior to any records being released, enrollment processed, or classes scheduled for the 2017-2018 school year.

Don’t Forget to Order Your 2017-2018 School Supply Pack!

Let us do the shopping for you!  See emailed order form for the 2017-2018 DCMS School Supply Pack!  Order online, or drop off your form and check in the DCMS office ASAP.  Supplies will be ready for pick-up in August when you come to pick-up your child’s schedule. See emailed form for deadlines and details.

2017-2018 Student Planners:

Designed for DCMS students by DCMS students!  We are still accepting orders for these popular custom student planners.  See emailed order form. (Drop off in the DCMS office ASAP!)

Medication Pick-Up:

Please stop by DCMS to pick up your meds from our clinic before school ends on May 26th.  See emailed form to use if you are designating someone else (must be at least 18 years old) to pick up your child’s medication.

Summer Math Tutoring:

Interested in summer math tutoring? Our math department chair, Robyn Souter, is offering summer math tutoring for students in grades 3 through HS Algebra III (including College Algebra).  See emailed flyer and contact robynsouter@dcsok.org for additional information.

PreAP Comp/Lit Assignment:

7th Grade Parents - if your student has enrolled to take PreAP Comp/Lit in 8th grade, he/she will need to complete a summer reading assignment and project. See emailed assignment.  Information about this was handed out to all students by their 7th grade literature teachers.  Book orders through our library are due tomorrow (Monday).  Please contact Sidney Barton at sidneybarton@dcsok.org if you have questions.

DCMS Softball:

The DCMS softball parent meeting for the upcoming fall season will be held Monday, May 22nd in the DCMS Cafeteria at 6:00pm. This meeting will cover very important information regarding the upcoming softball season. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Deer Creek Football Summer Camps:

See emailed flyer for more details about DC summer football camps/workouts. (Please note the flyer is 2 pages in length.) Different training programs and camps are available for athletes in grades 1st—12th.

DCMS Football:

Football players and parents:  Our parent meeting and equipment checkout will beWednesday, August 2, 2017.  8th grade equipment checkout will begin at 3:00 in the gym/practice gym.  The parent meeting will follow at 4:00, and the 7th grade equipment checkout will begin after the parent meeting around 4:30.  The first day of practice isAugust 8th.  All online forms and physical must be complete and turned in before the first day of practice.

Click Here for Deer Creek Summer Camps:  Deer Creek Opportunities for DC Students

(note: the webpage is 2 pages in length)

Algebra Camp:

See emailed flyer for an Algebra Camp offered July 24—27th.

Francis Tuttle Summer Quest Program:

See emailed flyer for Francis Tuttle’s Summer Quest interactive classes available to students this summer ages 11-15.


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