2014--2015 School Theme:

DCMS Antlers are P.R.O.U.D.

Positive   Responsible   Outstanding   United   Determined

DCMS Scoop:

If you are not familiar with Deer Creek Middle School or "The Scoop," this is an e-newsletter that provides information to parents about what is taking place at the Middle School each week.  It is a great communication tool for us and a great way for you to know how you can be involved in your child’s school.  Attachments are noted with quotations Example: “name of attachment”.  This will be sent out in email every Friday afternoon.  If you know of someone who is not receiving the newsletter, please have them contact the office to get signed up.

School Supplies:  Please see "Quick Links" list  (to the right)

**NOTE--calculators are NOT included in the pre-order supply packs.

Important Dates:

July 30TH:  DCMS Office re-opens for new student enrollment and residency verification, office hours are 7:30am—3:00pm

July 31st:  DCMS Parent Information Night 7:00pm DCMS Cafeteria (This brief meeting is primarily for 7th grade parents and any new to the district families wanting to learn more about DCMS.)

Aug 4th:  7th grade schedule pick-up, DCMS Cafeteria, 8:00am--12:00pm

Aug 5th:  8th grade schedule pick-up, DCMS Cafeteria, 8:00am--12:00pm

Aug 13th:  First Day of School!

Aug 19th:  DCMS Open House 6:30—8:00pm

Aug 20th:  District Late Start Teacher Collaboration begins (school starts one hour later every Wednesday through March)

Aug 22nd:  Antler Pride Night at DCMS 4:30pm—7:30pm

Residency Verification:  All DC families are required to prove residency before we can distribute your class schedule for the upcoming school year.  You can drop off 2 June, July or August  utility bills at our district office through July 29th (Mon—Thurs 9:00am—2:00pm).  Starting July 30th, you can drop these off at our DCMS office.   

Dress code: As you begin your back-to-school shopping, please keep in mind our Student Dress Code.  I have included the district policy below and highlighted some specifics to pay attention to as you are shopping.   We have always used a “dollar bill” as our quick measurement to check for compliance.  This year we are shifting to a “fingertips” method for shorts.  Dresses and skirts need to continue to be a dollar bill width (2”) above the knee to ensure proper coverage.  Shorts need to reach the students’ fingertips.  Compression shorts need to continue to be worn under athletic shorts, such as Nike shorts, and either the compression short or the Nike short needs to reach the fingertips of the student.  Thank you for your cooperation as we work together to ensure that students are properly dressed for school. 

Deer Creek has reason for great pride in the appearance of its student body. It is in the best interest of all concerned that such pride should be maintained. It is hoped that parents and students will use mature judgment and good taste in complying with these minimal restrictions. Grooming and dress at Deer Creek must not constitute a distraction or interfere with the educational opportunities of students.

1. All students will be fully clothed, clean and well groomed.
2. All students shall wear protective footwear at all times.
3. Head gear, such as hats, caps, bandannas, sunglasses and stocking caps are not to be worn at school.
4. No halter tops, bare midriffs, off the shoulder tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, backless or partial backless garments, tank tops, yoga pants, exposed underwear, outer garments that look like underwear, muscle shirts, and mesh shirts without a T-shirt underneath. Sleeveless shirts must be as wide as a dollar bill across the shoulder.
5. Apparel that is too tight, too loose, too shear, too short, or too revealing, including tops, mini-skirts, short shorts, skorts, skirts with slits, and low cut clothes, including attire that exposes the chest or breasts is prohibited. Shorts length should be below a student’s fingertips with arms extended down. All athletic/Nike shorts must be worn with compression shorts underneath that meet dress code (fingertip length). Jeans, pants, or other clothing with holes, tears, or rips that expose skin above a student’s fingertips with arms extended down will not be allowed. Mini-skirts, dresses, tunics, and long shirts worn with leggings or tights should not be shorter than the student’s fingertips when worn with leggings. Skirts/dresses worn without tights/leggings should be no more than 2 inches (width of a dollar bill) above the knee.
6. Apparel or accessories with offensive or suggestive slogans or logos that pertain to immorality, vulgarity, obscenity, nudity, or promotion of violence, and/or gang cult activity are prohibited.
7. Bike, animal chains, or spikes are prohibited.
8. Students may not wear clothing or accessories that display symbols, pictures, lettering or numbering that is profane, vulgar, repulsive or obscene or that advertises or promotes dangerous weapons, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, beer, illegal chemical substances, drug related items, or activities that are illegal for the general population or for minors.




The next DC GEP travel opportunity will be to Costa Rica over Spring Break of 2015. If you are interested in zip-lining through the canopies, hiking to La Fortuna Waterfall, touring the wildlife refuge, and visiting the Poás Volcano, then this is the ideal educational trip for you! There is even a $100 discount for those who enroll before the end of February!  If you have any questions,  please feel free to contact Laura Crawford (8th grade) at crawfordl@deercreek.k12.ok.us  or  Jennifer Ingram (7th grade) at ingramj@deercreek.k12.ok.us


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