Academic Team

Academic Team Information
Mrs. Denney and Mrs. Souter

DCMS has two academic teams that compete with the Oklahoma Association for Academic Competition in the Mid-Level division (Grades 7 and 8). We hold tryouts in September to determine who is on the team. Practices are held every Monday in the media center from 2:30-3:15pm. Students’ performance at practices will determine if they compete with team 1 or 2 at the tournaments. 


* There are 4 quarters in each game.  There are 8 question units per quarter.

Toss-up Question

* Toss-up questions are free response questions. Any active team member may buzz-in, be recognized and answer a toss-up question.

* If the first team to buzz-in answers incorrectly, the opposing team may buzz-in and give an answer.

* If the toss-up question is interrupted then answered incorrectly the moderator will pick-up the question at a logical point and complete the reading of the question. 10 points are awarded for a correct answer.

* Team members may not confer on a toss-up question.

* The first answer given by the team member is the answer to be accepted by the moderator. A team member may not change their answer.

* After the moderator has completed reading the question, team members must buzz-in before 5 seconds have expired . On a math question 15 seconds.

* Once the team member has been recognized, they must begin to state their answer within 3 seconds.

Bonus Question

* A correct answer on a toss-up question will result in a bonus question to the team answering correctly.

* The bonus question will be in the same subject area as the correctly answered toss-up question.

* The bonus question will be worth 10 points.

* The team may confer on a bonus question with the answer being given by the team captain or an active team member designated by the captain.

* The team will have 10 seconds in which to answer the bonus question. 15 for a mathematics bonus.

* Once time is called the team answering the bonus question must give an immediate answer.

* There is no penalty for an incorrect or early answer to a bonus question.

* There is no rebound on a bonus question.

* The bonus question is a part of the question unit. If a toss-up is answered correctly the bonus must be given even if the time for the half or the game has expired.

Question Breakdown per Game

* 5 each from Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, 3 each Fine Arts, Humanities, Current Events/Pop Culture, Geography 

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