8th Grade History Academic Goals

8th Grade U.S. History

Academic Learning Goals

Unit 1: Foundations of the United States

I can analyze the causes, events, and ideologies which led to the American Revolution and the creation of the United States.

Unit 2: Revolutionary War

I can analyze the people and key events of the Revolutionary War and how the United States became an independent nation.

Unit 3: Creating a Government

I can analyze how the American system of government and Constitution were created after the Revolutionary War.

Unit 4: Political Transformations

I can examine the political transformation of the early United States presidents.

Unit 5: Geographic Transformations

I can analyze United States geographic transformations and the impacts on different groups of people.

Unit 6: Economic and Social Transformations

I can examine the economic and social transformation of the United States during the early to mid-1800s.

Unit 7: The Civil War

I can analyze the social and political transformations of the United States as a result of the Civil War.

Unit 8: Reconstruction

I can summarize the political and social transformation during the Reconstruction Era.

Literacy Academic Learning Goals:

Identifying key ideas and details in primary and secondary sources.

Identify author’s point of view in various texts.

Integrate multiple sources to draw conclusions.

Write routinely used content focused material.

Write arguments and narratives that are content focused.

Conduct short research projects.