Honors Distinction for 8th Grade English Language Arts (ELA) Any student who would like to earn an Honors ELA Distinction for the 2020 Spring Semester must complete the following projects. These projects are very similar to what has been expected of 8th grade honors students in previous years. Students will receive guidance, support, and feedback throughout the semester from their ELA teachers both during class time and during Antler-Up time during certain weeks when a deadline is approaching. Honors Genre Qualification (Part 1 of 2) ● In order to qualify for the ELA Honors Distinction for Spring 2020, the student must read at least five (5) books of choice from different genres. These need to be books read between December 20, 2019 through the spring semester. These should NOT be books read in past years. ● Genres include: nonfiction (biography, informational, etc.), realistic fiction, science fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, mystery, or adventure ● Before beginning to read a book, the student needs to get approval from his/her Literature teacher. ● Of the five genres, TWO of them must be nonfiction. Literature teachers have a list of highly reviewed young adult nonfiction books if you need recommendations/ideas. The other three books need to be all different genres. ● ELA teachers have a variety of one-page analyses for students to complete to display what they have learned from their reading. Students will choose which type of one-page analysis they want to produce, and these “one-pagers” must be submitted to their Lit teachers at the completion of each book. ● The quality of the one-pager will be assessed. If a student does not complete it to proficiency, he will be asked to redo it. ● The first checkpoint is Friday, February 21. Students must have at least three (3) books/”one-pagers” completed by this date. ● Books that are not permitted include children’s books, picture books, novels read as a class, or books with a reading level below 4.0. Summer reading project books do not qualify. ● Final deadline for completion of the last two (2) books/”one-pagers” is Friday, April 3. Extension Project - The Outsiders (Part 2 of 2) ● At the end of The Outsiders unit, students will create a project that analyzes the book in a unique, creative way. Analysis will include extension of concepts such as theme, motif, characterization, setting and more. Further instructions will be distributed by the end of January. Due Date: Tuesday, March 3rd.