Composition Course Objectives: The goal of this course is to focus on developing the standards of writing, speaking, listening, and language. Modes of writing will include argumentative, informative/explanatory and narrative, and students will write routinely over extended time frames for different audiences.  Students will also review and expand on the research process. Students will demonstrate a command of standard English grammar and usage when both writing and speaking. Vocabulary will be expanded through a focus on Latin/Greek word parts and a variety of activities.

Literature Course Objectives: The goal of this course is to present traditional and contemporary literature for the student to read, comprehend, analyze, interpret, and enjoy. Students will learn and employ literary elements to make meaning from a wide variety of texts, including short stories, poetry, novels, plays, and nonfiction. Students will demonstrate knowledge by participating in class discussions, completing individual and group assignments, and passing exams.

Class Novels: ​We would like every student to have his/her own copy of the class novels (that can be written/marked in). Please let your Lit teacher or counselor know if you are unable to purchase a novel; we will make arrangements.

AR: All students are required to meet a minimum point goal each quarter. The percentage a student earns will result in one test grade for that quarter. This is considered a long-term project.

Per Deer Creek School Board policy, “long term projects or assignments with two (2) or more weeks' notice may be assigned a definite due date. Students shall turn in long term projects and assignments on time even if they are not in attendance on that day.”

Bonus Points: For every 5 points a student reads above his goal, he will earn 5 points with a maximum of 50 extra credit points, in the Process Skills category.

If a student cheats or helps someone cheat on an AR test, he/she will earn a 0 for the quarter for the AR project grade.


  • Formative counts as 30%, Summative counts as 50%, and Process counts as 20% of the final grade.

  • Semester exams are cumulative; semester grades are cumulative.

  • Absent Work Policy: The student is responsible for obtaining make-up assignments after an absence. Assignments will be posted on the class website and available in the make-up folder. He/she must complete/return it based on the handbook policy guidelines. If there is ever a concern about making up work, please talk with your teacher.


  • Pencils - All daily work, homework, and exams should be completed in pencil unless the teacher tells you differently.

  • Bring your novel to class every day!!

  • Class novel – as assigned

  • Composition Notebooks (one for literature and one for composition to be left in the classroom)

  • Highlighter for annotating novels/articles

  • Red Pens for grading

  • Loose-leaf notebook paper in a binder

  • Deer Creek Binder (for all core classes)


  • Students have a right to learn and teachers have a right to teach. Any student who interferes with these rights is causing problems and will be disciplined according to the Deer Creek discipline plan. Depending on the nature of the problem, immediate action may be taken and a student may be sent to the assistant principal for discipline.

  • Class disruptions will not be tolerated. Everyone needs to listen. When the teacher or another student is speaking, it is the student’s responsibility to give him/her their full attention. Put-downs or inappropriate comments will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

  • A verbal warning will be given when appropriate and email or phone call home will be used. Sometimes the student will be calling home to report their offense. Otherwise, the discipline procedure set forth by the DCMS committee will be enforced.

Classroom Expectations:

  1. Be Safe.

  2. Be Respectful.

  3. Be Responsible.

Electronic Devices (Cell phones, MP3’s, iPads, etc):  

All electronic devices should only be used during designated times and/or with teacher permission.  Cell phones brought into the classroom should remain off and placed in the cell phone parking lot in the student’s corresponding number. Devices being used at inappropriate times will be taken away and turned into the office for a parent to pick up per the school policy.  We will be using various forms of technology i.e. iPads, responders, computer labs, etc. Students are expected to use school property in a responsible manner and follow the Internet usage agreement at all times.

*For other rules regarding Deer Creek policies, please refer to your agenda and handbook.